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Formed in 1980 in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, in the southern part of Japan, THE HEAT has been driven by the vision of its leader, Masamitsu Kikugawa, to emulate the Rolling Stones. Kikugawa has devoted his life to studying Mick Jagger’s songs and stage presence, meticulously learning from videotapes. This dedication has led THE HEAT to win numerous local music contests, earning them the Grand Prix on several occasions.
However, their journey was marked by tragedy when they lost their bassist in a traffic accident. This loss underscored the power of music to heal and communicate the depth of human emotion.
Determined to use their music for healing, THE HEAT has performed at various relief concerts for disasters, including the Shimabara eruption relief, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake aid, the East Japan Reconstruction aid caravan from Kumamoto, and the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake aid.
In recent years, THE HEAT has gained recognition in various music contests. A highlight of their career was recording at Toshiba EMI Studio in 2006, a studio also graced by Mick Jagger, which they found profoundly moving and a symbolic connection to the Rolling Stones. They’ve also participated in international events, such as a cultural exchange concert at the China Consulate Event in Shanghai (2014) and a live performance in Busan, Korea (2016).

In December 2020, despite the challenges of the pandemic, we held our 40th-anniversary concert, attracting many attendees. In conjunction with this, we released an original album titled "Way to London." As restrictions lifted, we eagerly resumed live performances throughout Kyushu. In November 2023, we achieved a milestone by successfully playing at Jittoku in Kyoto, known as the oldest live house in Japan.
Then, in October 2024, we will finally embark on our long-awaited London tour, fulfilling our dream of showcasing our performance on the global stage at the sacred site of rock.