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ザ・ヒートは、1980年、熊本県菊池市の温泉町にてボーカル菊川を中心に近所の幼なじみが集まり、イギリスのロックバンド The Rolling Stones憧れ結成されたバンドです。


THE HEAT was Formed in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture located in southern part of Japan, in 1980. Masamitsu Kikugawa, the leader of THE HEAT, had been aiming for the Rolling Stones, and been spending all the days studying Mick Jagger's songs and gestures with video tapes, spending his lifetime. Thanks to this, many music contests held in the local area have been awarded the Grand Prix to THE HEAT. At that time, THE HEAT suddenly lost a bassist in a traffic accident. From then on, they were reminded how music could heal and convey the hearts of others.

In order to make it a reality, THE HEAT have held relief live for many disasters such as "Shimabara (Unzen Fugendake eruption) rescue", "Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake AID", "East Japan Reconstruction AID Caravan from Kumamoto", "2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake AID", etc.
At the same time, THE HEAT got a lot of attention in many contests in recent years.
In 2006, they had the opportunity to record at Toshiba EMI Studio where Mick Jagger also stood.
The experience was an ultimate pleasure to them, and it was an event that they couldn't help feeling connection to The Rolling Stones.
In addition, they have performed at China Cultural Exchange Consulate Event Shanghai Concert Appearance (2014), and Busan Live in Korea (2016), etc.

On 12 Dec.2020, THE HEAT is going to hold a concert to celebrate 40th anniversary of its formation.
This live is a new form of exploration and challenge to overcome the coronavirus, and is the realization of a musical bridge that connects London with the local cities of Japan.
It's may not possible this year because of the new coronavirus, but THE HEAT vow to play at Hyde Park in London one day.


  • Vocal
  • Masamitsu Kikugawa
  • 菊川 雅三
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  • Guitar
  • Kazuaki Okada
  • 岡田 和昭
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  • Guitar
  • Takaaki Awazu
  • 粟津 貴昭
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  • Bass
  • Seiichiro Shiki
  • 志岐 誠一郎
  • Keyboad
  • Keiichi Hayashi
  • 林 啓一
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  • Drums
  • Masahiro Imai
  • 今井 正浩
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